02 December, 2010

Random (But Still Awesome) Pieces of Life

Hooray for Talli Roland! She was all over the blogosphere yesterday--so many posts had that wonderful pink cover, spreading the word about her release! And The Hating Game got far on that bestseller chart. :D


Dominic de Mattos at Writes of Passage awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! I big thank you to Dominic for awarding me! :)

I will award:

All of them are very Versatile, believe me. :)

(Well? What are you waiting around for? Read the rest of this post and follow them if you don't already!)


I set up a playlist at the top of my blog, as you have no doubt noticed. It's entirely instrumental; I tend to like Christmas music better when no one's singing. It's all YouTube video, (made at YouTube Reloaded) since that seemed like the easiest playlist to make, and it has the added bonus of the listener also getting to watch, if they want to.

Many of them have lyrics, and if you want something really cool to see, check out the Mannheim Steamroller videos with the Christmas lights (we have a CD of some of his music--my favorite is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, which is up there.)


It snowed yesterday! And last night, so there's snow on the ground right now. It's not a thick coating or anything, there's still a lot of grass poking up, but it's snow! *smile*

I hope you bloggers in the UK don't have any serious snow troubles, though; the recent bad weather made the national news here in the USA.


You know those brilliant pieces of inspiration that pop up, and then you get that wonderful feeling of know where and when things are going to happen in your story? When things fall into place, after thinking hard and coming up with nothing for the past days . . . weeks . . . months?

I just had a moment of such inspiration, and I'm feeling really excited about my novel. It's a relief, actually, since the story was starting to feel kind of dull. Thank goodness for the mind.

-----The Golden Eagle


N. R. Williams said...

Oh, I love those moments when you get inspired and learn what comes next. Congratulations on the award. I love Mannheim steam roller too. Did I spell that right? LOL
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Hannah Kincade said...

yeah, it's been snowing here off and on. There's supposedly a big storm coming for the weekend. Huzzah!

I find inspiration when I least expect it but mostly when I'm watching movies or tv. I always keep my notebook handy!

The Golden Eagle said...

Nancy: They're great to experience . . .

Thank you!

Yes, you spelled it right! Weird name, I know, but I like the music. :)

Hannah: Wooo! I hope have a great time in all that white stuff.

Thankfully, the inspiration hit when I was near paper and pen, and also the computer; plus, it wasn't something I'd forget easily. :P

Arlee Bird said...

Yay inspiration!
I got on a Steamroller kick back in the 80s, but haven't listened to them much since. They are pretty good. I should look for my old cassettes (that's how long ago it was).

Tossing It Out

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on the award!
I envy your snow.
And that's why I keep thinking about my plotline over and over. Eventually my brain says "Here!" and gives me an answer.

Jai Joshi said...

Don't you just love it when those moments of inspiration come and everything is so clear and you finally understand what's been eluding you? I love it when that happens! So good for you, I hope you take that inspiration and run.

And congrats on your award!


Misha1989 said...

Congrats on the award!

Angela Felsted said...

I love it when those splashes of inspiration come on their own. Doesn't it feel wonderful?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on your award! And hurray for inspiration! :-)

Cherry said...

congrats :) <3

Francine said...


Congrats on award - good for decorating one's blog! ;)

Re inspiration: amazing where it comes from sometimes - on the wing, on the hoof, even when supposedly meditating!


Dominic de Mattos said...

I find every so often I have been carrying around apparently unrelated snippets of plot, or snatches of conversation, or locations and suddenly in a flash of revelation they all come together in one scene by putting the words in another's mouth, swapping a location or even changing a motivation. Hey presto it all makes sense, and the story suddenly has momentum again.

Glad you liked your much deserved award! I will go look at the new recipients!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Your music is much appreciated. As are your always kind and warm comments.

I, too, am editing my latest novel (LOL - It sounded as if I've been published over and over again.)

I wish us both success in our publication dreams, Roland

Caroline said...

Aw, thanks, Golden Eagle!:)

Brian said...

I'm happy to hear you're re-inspired about your novel...must have been the beautiful award and great playlist!!!

Jayne said...

Our snow made it to the news over there? Wow! It's just icy where I am so far, but up the country it's quite bad. We're just not a country geared for 'weather' so everything shuts down. But there are heart-warming stories of farmers using their tractors to get midwives to hospital. I love hearing folk being nice to each other. :)

Glad you have struck inspiration as well!

Old Kitty said...

Joy to the world!! Yay!! Love it!!

And wasn't yesterday's Talli Day just brilliant!!!! It was so great to be a part of all the excitement!!

Oh gosh - the snow is making such headline news only because the infrastructure can't cope!! Oh dear!!! But the snow is just lovely and makes all things chrismassy!

Congratulations with your award!! Yay!!! And it's so great that you're inspired with your novel!! Yay for you!! Take care

Colene Murphy said...

Lovely! I love instrumental Christmas music! Congratulations on your most deserved award!

Cinette said...

Congrats on your award! And if you like, you can come out here above the 69th parallel and have all the snow you want!

Shelley said...

I'll listen to some of your songs on your new playlist! :) Congrats on getting the award! Glad to hear about your inspirational pop up! :) Have fun writing!

Joanna St. James said...

eesh I just got off dancing with 2 toddlers to christmas music am pooped.
Most of the time I get inspiration right b4 or when I am sleeping, its weird I have to repeat it several times in REM so I will remember in the morning.
Congratulations on your award!

Jules said...

I'm late sorry, heat troubles. :(

Congrats on the award you are versatile. Thank you so much for thinking of me and passing it on. :D

And what no "Grinch" music? I love the green guy. I only have 50 Christmas CD's.

Can you tell me how you stumbled onto the light bulb switch? I think my bulb has burned out. (LOL)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Helen Ginger said...

I had sort of the opposite of your inspirational moment. Mine was a what-the-blank? I re-read my manuscript and realized I had dropped a major thread in it. Just totally forgot to wrap it up. Duh!

Gail said...

It's always good to know where you're headed...have fun with it!

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the award. Love the music. I like that you also have a visual with it as well.

Thoughts in Progress

TerryLynnJohnson said...

yes, congrats to Tali! And to all the awesome bloggers who helped out!
Great choice of blogs for the award. i follow most.

Charles Gramlich said...

I particularly love "carol of the bells." I have that on CD.

Lisa Potts said...

Congrats on the award and the novel inspiration!

We are expecting snow this weekend and the kids and I are pretty excited.

Alison said...

Oooh...I love Mannheim Steamroller.
Glad you received some inspiration!

Donna Hole said...

I love instrumentals. So easy to listen to while writing.

Inspiration usually hits me when I have not writing utensils to record them (lol).

Aha moments are hard to come by - but all the more awesome for their rarity.

Good luck with your ideas.


ali said...

Hey, congratulations! And we've had more snow here in the past week than we usually get all winter long!

AND I didn't realize you were a homeschooler! We're a homeschooling family too. :)

Deni Krueger said...

We're buried under snow here in Germany. No school yesterday for kids...which is great fun for sledding but not so much accomplished in terms of writing. I don't mind. Everybody needs a sledding break now and again:)

It's a great feeling when inspiration clears out a spot!

Patricia Stoltey said...

That's cool news about your novel. Those are great moments.

As for Christmas music, I love it. We have a radio station here in Northern Colorado that is playing all carols all the time. Could use a little snow, though. So far we've had only a dusting. (I hope the Universe hears that I said "a little snow" and doesn't dump a blizzard on me.) :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Lee: Yes, hooray for inspiration! :)

I remember going to FYE when they were still selling cassettes . . . and we have a lot of them.

Alex: Thanks!

I'm going to have to do some major thinking, because I just got another new idea, which nulls what I had been planning before. :P

Jai: Believe me, I'm running as fast as I can. :D


Misha1989: Thanks, Misha!

Angela: Yes, it certainly does!

Shannon: Thank you!

Hurray is right. :)

Cherry: Thanks, Cherry!

Francine: Yes, they are. And I also link to the person who awarded me on my page, so it also gives them another spot to be noticed . . .

Ideas spring up in unlikely places, that's for sure!

Dominic: I love it when the ideas and the little details come together. It's a great feeling!

Thank you so much for awarding me! :)

Roland: You're quite welcome for them! I love reading your beautiful posts. And thank you for commenting here--I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to do so.

Well, if you've written a novel, you've written a novel. The characters and plot certainly don't care if they're on the publishing track--they just keep on talking in the back of your mind! :)

I certainly wish you success, Roland.

Caroline: You're welcome!

The Golden Eagle said...

Brian: LOL, maybe. But I think I actually got the inspiration before the award . . . although a little blogger support is always welcome! :)

Jayne: Really? Aw, that is nice of them! Stories like that are the best. I hope the weather doesn't worsen where you are!

Old Kitty: Me, too! :D

I loved the Websplash; it was fun seeing everyone's posts!

Yes, it does! And it's wonderful that way!

Thanks, Old Kitty! :)

Colene: It's my favorite kind of Christmas music, although some people sing the songs really well!

Thank you. :)

Cinette: Thanks, Cinette!

Wait, you live above the 69th parallel?! Or are you just kidding?


Shelley: I hope you enjoy the songs!

Thanks! :)

Joanna: I hope you get some rest! That must have been hard on you . . . LOL. Toddlers. :D

I've gotten several ideas in my sleep; stories, inspiration, everything it seems like!

Thank you!

Jules: Yes, I read your post! Gosh. I hope you don't have any more issues . . . something like that happened to us where the furnace broke down and the lights started acting funny.

Thanks! And you're welcome for the award--I do love reading your posts!

Nope, no Grinch music . . . I've never listened to any. Is that a bad thing? And--only 50?! LOL. I hope you get to listen to all of it!

Watch movie trailers that relate to the kind of book you're writing. Read books in the genre. Gnaw on the plot until it works. :P

Helen: I have moments like that, too. I'll suddenly think of something, and then I'll wonder how on Earth I could possible miss something that obvious.

Gail: I agree! "Begin with the end in mind" is certainly true . . . even for writing! :)

I'm sure I'll have fun doing it! I love writing after all!

The Golden Eagle said...

Mason: Thank you!

Glad you enjoy it!

Terry: There cannot be enough congrats to Talli! She's an awesome blogger. :)

Cool! I love those blogs, too.

Charles: One of my favorites as well. We've got a really nice version of it by Kurt Bestor . . .

Lisa: Thanks, Lisa! :)

Awesome! It's snowing outside right now, but the bad thing is I have to dance today--in the cold! LOL.

Alison: Great! :D

Yeah, I am, too. LOL.

Donna: I like listening to instrumental when I'm writing, too. Singing's okay, but it can occasionally confuse.

Doesn't it? It's so frustrating when it happens!

Yes, they're amazing when come!


Ali: Thank you! And wow, that must be a lot of snow! I hope you get to have fun in it. :D

Ye-up, I'm homeschooled. Just me, though; my mom teaches me most, or I learn on my own.

Deni: I didn't know you lived in Germany! Awesome. :D

Sledding breaks are so much fun!

Patricia: I completely agree--they are great moments! :)

I don't play the radio or anything; mainly because I have no idea who's playing what or when.

Mother Nature has a habit of doing that, doesn't she? "I wish we could have some snow . . ." and there's a snowstorm.

Madeleine said...

I love inspirational moments. I've not had many recently, probably because I've been indoors hibernating from the cold. Nope not much snow here in Devon UK, but I don't do cold ;O)

The Golden Eagle said...

I tend to get my ideas when I'm outside, too; it's too bad the cold's keeping you inside! I don't mind it, but that's just me. :P