10 January, 2011

How's The Writing Going?


Have you been making a lot of progress? Has the start of the year gotten in the way of your writing? Are your characters cooperating, or giving you that all-consuming silence?

(Me, I made some progress this morning, and over the weekend . . . except I'm getting that urge to revise/edit, which means there's something structurally wrong with the story. Boo. Also, I don't know if the scenes I'm writing actually make sense in the long run. I'll just have to see.)

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm editing right now!
And blogging as well. Probably not a good combination.

Maria McKenzie said...

I'm finally back into my routine with the kids back in school. I'm currently revising one work, prepping it to submit once again. Also am rewriting something. I want both of these pieces behind me so I can start something new!

gideon 86 said...

I've been cranking out my WIP at record speed. It's a NaNo thing I put myself through.

I managed to write over 15000 words last week and hope to finish my WIP by Friday. 9000 words to go.

Then I go to editing. As you already know I am trying to have in ready for the ABNA contest on the 24th.

Thanks Golden for your support. I know you've been routing me on.

Here's a cheer for you ... "GO! EAGLE! GO! I know you'll pull it together.

Time to go back to writing....


Holly Ruggiero said...

I think I’ve been getting gin the way of myself. I’ve been thinking and over thinking a lot and so my progress has been slow.

Caroline said...

The writing? Eh, it isn't so good...most days I just don't do it. I NEED to pull myself back on track. ^_^

C. N. Nevets said...

Slowly but surely. I continue to make time as I have it, but the biggest hurdle is a six year-old glasses prescription. New glasses are supposed to get her the 16th. I'm not blind until then, but my eyes get worn out quickly, which is bad for both writing and reading (duh).

Jai Joshi said...

I find that this time of year can be either the mother of all idea killers or it can be a fountain of inspiration. I'm in the fountain of inspiration phase but I know it won't last so I'm doing as much as I can to take advantage.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm scattered, writing one day, revising the next, and playing with the new cat whenever I can. Time to focus!

KarenG said...

My challenge for the new year is to write at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, knowing that many days I'll go beyond that. So far it's been just alright, still working on consistency.

Sun Singer said...

That urge to revisit or revise or reread is usually a sign that one needs to revisit, revise or reread.

So far, so good on my sequel to "The Sun Singer," though year-end holiday stuff did put writing on hold a bit.


Hannah Kincade said...

I still haven't finished my NaNo novel but I spent the entire weekend and my time off knitting a baby blanket for a baby shower that's tonight. I failed at that one too. Ha! I have big plans for this week though.

Pk Hrezo said...

I've just been thru the second round of edits on my Nano project. I'm burnt. I'm taking a few weeks away from it while my betas critique it.

I'm looking forward to the op to blog more this month! :)

Brian said...

Well, my Dad is making some progress with his novel, once he's finished he might read another one!

Clarissa Draper said...

I've been doing really well so far this year. I've got a strict schedule and I've stuck with it. I'm fortunate to have a supportive family.

Old Kitty said...

Good luck with your current wip!!! I tend to stop and re-edit the scene(s) I don't think are working but this stalls any progress cos I just can't go on until I think it's fixed!!

Yep, my progress is at a snail's pace at the mo! LOL!

Take care

Summer Ross said...

I'm currently working on my journal- writing my past memories so that i have them later. I'm taking a non-fiction class and so I'm hoping this journal will help me clear the way. Thanks for all your comments, it makes me smile to see you have taken the time to read my blog.

Jules said...

Not having much luck. Seems my characters love the shower and as soon as I step out to write them down I hear them tip toeing down the hall. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Theresa Milstein said...

Writing has not happened in awhile. I think about where the story is going, but haven't made time for it.

I don't think there's anything wrong with doing some editing while you mull it over. Good luck!

Robyn Campbell said...

On my first draft which has gone slow due to the fact that I wanted to revise the first chapter to death. UG.

But I am planning on writing a bunch this week. *fingers crossed*

Joanna St. James said...

I am writing very slowly, I am also writing and waiting to see if it will pull together in the end.
I'll join Mike in the Go! Eagle Go! cheer

Deni Krueger said...

Finished the draft I was editing. Woo Hoo! Finished the query. Woo Hoo! It'll come together for you when it's ready. Sometimes I think the hardest part is living that.

Simon Kewin said...

Slow! Life still rather in a post-Christmas confusion. Hopefully I'll be cranking out more words soon. I'm one of the organizers of Write1Sub1 and I've no idea what I'm even subbing this week!

Carol Kilgore said...

My writing is going very well. It feels good to say that because last year was a big mess. My best advice to you is finish your story so you see it all before you edit. Then you have the big picture instead of pieces. But we're all different. Some other way may work best for you.

mist of the blossom rain said...

I haven't written fiction at all this year, except for a civics immigration story. My blog has been my main writing focus.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've got somewhat of a lighter teaching load this year. Yesterday I made some amazing progress. When I get a couple of hours to string together I can go.

Carolyn Abiad said...

Hiatus is the word for me. I hope to get these kids back to school soon, so my brain can put two sentences together!

Lisa said...

My characters can be jerks sometimes. I was writing a scene about a month and wanted them to talk about their plans for the night, but they seemed to insist that they talk about cute guys instead. Sigh.

Actually, the cute guy thing kind of turned out okay, so maybe they do know what they're doing.

I agree though. Just write through it and see what you come out with. You can always go back and make changes.

Regina said...

I'm drowning. I have so many thoughts, but can't get them out there the way I want to and am so blasted busy at work and home that I don't get the writing time I enjoy and need so badly.

I also have no internet at home so I have no extra curricular reading (blogs)to look forward to until after work or until I get some free time at lunch. So getting caught up is making me crazier.

I have been getting better about getting some of my WIPs out on paper though.

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: LOL. Well, as long as it gets done!

Maria: Good luck with your writing! I hope something comes out of your submission. :)

Michael: Good for you! That's a lot of writing--awesome!

Got to support fellow bloggers!

Thanks! :D

Holly: Over-thinking can get in the way, true; things start getting jumbled, and questions that wouldn't normally be there come up . . . I hope you find the cure for it!

Caroline: I know the feeling. "Another time . . ." "Wait, I have stuff to do . . ." "Well, it's not going anywhere, is it?"

Nevets: I hope you get your prescription soon!

Jai: Good for you! I'm kind of swaying back and forth between the two stages; I'll be soaring up into the sky with ideas, then crashing into the Abyss. :P

Patricia: Always have to play with the cat! :) I saw the pictures--she's so cute!

But I hope you get the time to sit down and write; pets can be a bother when you're trying to write a scene!

Karen: You can do it, Karen! :)

Malcolm: I know, but I'm getting close to the end of my story, and I don't want to get mired down in revisions/edits when I'm not that far away.

Holiday times do get in the way of a lot of things, what with all the things that have to get done--I hope you get the time to work on your sequel!

The Golden Eagle said...

Hannah: Good luck with your plans! :)

Pk: 2nd round of edits, even though NaNoWriMo was less than two months away?! Wow. :D

It's always great to have the chance to blog some more!

Brian: Best of luck to your dad with his book!

Clarissa: Good for you!

It is helpful to have people supporting you with the writing. :)

Old Kitty: Thank you! :)

I get the urge, too, but I can usually tamp it down and tell myself I'll edit it later; but too many loose ends just grind me to a halt.

"Slow and steady winds the race"!

Summer: That sounds like a great project--putting your memories down to paper so you can look back on them later. :)

You're very welcome!

Jules: Well, I hope your characters start cooperating soon! It's frustrating when they decide to take a break, without your permission!

Theresa: Sometimes that happens to me, too--I hope you get the time to write!

I know; I used to do it, but then started charging ahead and I haven't really lost enough steam to go all the way back and start editing the book.

Robyn: First chapters are tricky; knowing when to start, where to start, how to start. Good luck! :)

Joanna: That can be hard to see, can't it?

Aw, thank you! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Deni: Congratulations! :)

I'm full of impatience whenever that phase strikes.

Simon: Good luck with Write1Sub1!

Carol: Good for you, Carol! :)

That's what usually works for me, too, but sometimes it's so fragmented it's hard to continue without majorly changing things mid-game.

Emily: Sometimes the blog just takes up enough attention all by itself.

Charles: Congratulations on your progress!

Carolyn: School's already in session here--I hope it starts soon where you are, so you can get writing again!

Lisa: Well, cute guys can be kind of a draw . . . LOL. Glad it worked out in the end, though.

That's what I'm attempting to do, at the moment. Here's to hoping it ends up where it's supposed to! :P

Regina: Ideas can be hard to get down--I hope your writing and your work figure themselves out! It can be so frustrating to not be able to write.

Good for you on your WIPs!