06 January, 2011

On This Last Day of Christmas: Twelfth Day, Birds, Fish, Video, The Replacement, And Writing

Technically it is the last day of Christmas, you know.

Not as many people celebrate it anymore, particularly not here in the USA, (*sigh* cheer in this country doesn't last too long) but, according to Wikipedia,  it is still celebrated throughout the world. Some do it n the 5th, yesterday, because (also according to Wikipedia) in medieval times the next day started at sundown, which meant the Night came before the Day. Now the day begins at midnight.

So it all depends on where you start.


I am trying to be friends with Zemanta right now, because it really is a helpful widget.

It's just I was trying to write a post, and it just threw everything out the window. I moved an image around, it combined the text with the image's HTML, and then when I pressed CTRL+Z a few times to get rid of the image and the changes I had made, it all disappeared.


I suppose I could have been a little less enthusiastic about the CTRL+Z part and just cut out the HTML with the image, but I was trying to get it out fast, because it's later in the afternoon than I'd like and I want to get around to reading blogs!

I suppose I've been taught another lesson about haste makes waste--or, in this case, an obvious lack of anything at all. I won't be doing that again.


Did you hear about the fish and birds that have been dying? Over 3,000 red-wing blackbirds, common grackles, and European starlings died in Arkansas, and 100,000 fish died 125 miles away. There has also been a major fish die-out in the Chesapeake Bay: 2,000,000 or so there.

It's sad. Not because these are signs the world is going to end--and this is perfect fuel for the that wacky Mayan theory--but because those were birds and fish and creatures are dying much too fast already.


Speaking of animals:


(I would have embedded the video, but the code hates me today.)


I finished The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff on Monday, and since I don't want to write a separate post to review it, here a brief idea of what I thought it was like:

Plot: A little slow at the beginning, but it moved quickly enough to keep my interest I read it in a matter of hours. Characters: Loved Mackie Doyle, probably because I'm kind of solitary and an introvert myself. Setting: Creepy and a little disturbing, and I loved the way the human prejudice and general dislike of anything unknown was presented.

Overall: 4 out of 5. J'adore the cover.


I had a good writing day today, and made up for yesterday's losses (I didn't write anything yesterday). I was also inspired by the music I was listening to--Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Usually it's not my favorite music, but it actually fits my book rather well.

Which leads me to ask: Are there any pieces of music that you've felt match your writing well?


Well, there's my random and miscellaneous post for the week.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I did just read about those birds dying. Maybe you're on to something.

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

It's very sad about the birds. I hope no more are affected. Sorry about your tech difficulties. I loved the Replacement - the plot did start a bit slow but the characters were awesome - especially Mackey and the twins. I find certain songs help when I'm writing a particular scene, but the songs change all the time. Good luck with your writing!

mist of the blossom rain said...

The birds and fish dying is so terrible. I haven't really been listening to my music, but it's an interesting idea to compare it to your writing. Good luck!

Liz said...

Epiphany. I remember when I worked at the toy store that this was a busy day, and for a while no one could figure out why. Then another employee clued us in (she celebrated it; we did not).

My point (yes, I had one) is that some do still celebrate it here. Just not many and only in certain communities.

Yes, I have heard about the birds and the fish, and it bothers me. This is not a good sign.

I used to try to use Zemantia (did I spell that correctly?), but I could never get it to work for me, so I finally deleted it.

Old Kitty said...

OH it is absolutely awful about the birds dying - awful. Now fish too. We and I do mean the humans!! must take stock really and just stop being horrid to our only home. Earth is all we got folks, let's stop abusing it already!!

Aww thanks for the clip but cos I'm in the UK the clip won't show (copyright etc). But eagles are lovely!!

Yay for your productive writing day!!! And thanks for the review too!!

Take care

Christine Fonseca said...

I'm a huge MUSIC fan - and I typically write to really INTENSE soundtrack music. I know, call me bizarre ;)

N. R. Williams said...

The bird and fish thing is mysterious and sad. I expect some major law breaking pollutant is responsible from some high and powerful company.

As you know, my novel has a flute, so I'd say I love flute music.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Brian said...

I thought of the Mayan thing too when I heard about the birds and fish. It also reminded us of the movie The Core. Happy 12th Day to you!

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

What is with those birds and fish?? It's starting to creep me out. And the Replacement I've heard a lot about, but it's not really my genre.

Talei said...

I heard about the fish and birds on the news - so strange. My first thought was - has there been a storm thats picked them up? Who knows, its certainly a mystery! ;)

Jules said...

The bird and fish thing has expanded now to Europe. Music to match my writing style = the blues. Lyrics, no lyrics, fast, slow; I find it all in the blues. But I'm guitar freak :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Very upsetting about the birds. A few years ago in California we had dead crows everywhere. It turned out they had West Nile virus. For some time there was no cawing sounds or crows circling overhead or strutting down the street. They were all gone. Sad and eerie. But they made a comeback (as you may have noticed by that haiku I posted).
I'm reading The Replacement right now and loving it, even though it's a bit scary before bed.

L'Aussie said...

The birds and fish dying is a mystery but probably what N R Williams says, a major pollutant in the air, touch of acid rain, whatever. We get fish dying in rivers in Oz and it is always tracked to some maverick industry disposing of waste illegally. Grrr..When will we learn that we need our animals...

I'm glad to see you stretching your Christmas out. Yes, It is slam, bang, back to work too fast! All that preparation and it is over in a twinkle of an eyeball.

Thx for reading my #fridayflash story and commenting. I value that.

Just so you know I am hosting a Publication Party on my L'Aussie blog starting next Wednesday. Published authors will be telling us their journey to publication and how that miracle happened! Hope you can join the fun!

Trisha said...

I hate hearing about animals dying, esp. if it's species extinction. bah. depressing!

Re: music - that is a constant inspiration for me, but sometimes I find it more inspiring when I'm listening and not writing, than when I'm listening AND writing. Weird. But all sorts of music. I believe there's part of Beethoven's work in the long version of this Michael Jackson song "Will You Be There", it's beautiful!

Also, the type of music I listen to really varies, esp. according to what genre I'm writing in. I am a huge music fan and love all sorts of types, from doom metal to daggy 90s pop music. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Arlee Bird said...

Beethoven's 9th is truly some great stuff. I think I've mentioned this to you, but lately I've been listening to symphonies by Bruckner. It's really intense music that creates a great soundtrack to what I've been writing. Highly recommended for writing background music because it's not overly distracting.

Tossing It Out

The Weed said...

I kind of loved the sporadic, episodic nature of this post. It was like little nuggets of goodness, all small enough for my ADHD-riddled mind to swallow whole.

I write to Radiohead a lot. And Shostakovich.

Misha said...

Well, whether or not the birds and fish are a sign of the end of the world, I'd only star worrying about it when they start dying in more than half of the countries in the world. And then I wouldn't be that sad, because of the association I have with it.

I love Beethoven, particularly the 9th symphony and the Moonlight Sonata. I also like Mozard, Dvorak, Vivaldi and Mahler...

Elena Solodow said...

Thanks for sharing!

....Petty Witter said...

I think we celebrate 12th night here in as far as most of us Brits believe it is unlucky to leave any decorations up any longer than this.

Charles Gramlich said...

I find that I can't listen to music while I write. It seems to interfere with my ability to hear the ebb and flow of my own prose.

Madeleine said...

It is a shame about the birds and fish. Frustrating about the technology problems, I can empathise. I can't see the clip because I'm also in the UK.
No we didn't celebrate the last day of Christmas. Maybe next year.

Misha said...

It's so sad about the fish and birds.
I have The Replacement lying on my shelf for a zillion years but I haven't read it yet. I have to read it soon!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: Me? I'm just posting about it. :P

Alyssa: I do, too.

Thanks--I haven't had any more, so that's good!

They were good characters!

For me, too.


Emily: I agree.

Try it sometime--it can help! :)


Liz: I love epiphanies. :D

Thanks for sharing your story1

No, it definitely is not . . .

It works for me, just does stuff to the layout and the text sometimes. Usually it's helpful!

Old Kitty: Exactly! We live on this planet, and it supports us--humans can be so irreverent!

Too bad you can't watch it in the UK!


You're quite welcome for the review! :)

Christine: Well, if it works, it works! :D

Nancy: Isn't that often the case? *sigh*

Of course! :)

Brian: I've never heard of The Core--I'm guessing it's some kind of SF apocalypse movie?

Thank you!

Susan: Me, too. :(

No YA Paranormal?

Talei: Possibly, for the birds; they also say that it was some kind of shock so perhaps lightning or fireworks. My dance teacher mentioned that they'll think of everything EXCEPT what really happened. :P

The Golden Eagle said...

Jules: I heard about that--strange!

I'm not a big Blues fan, but cool! :)

Tricia: That's sad--but at least they made a comeback!

It is a little creepy. ;)

L'Aussie: I know! There is always some kind of pollutant that people are using--and then they find out it kills the animals. :(


You're welcome--it is a great story!

I'll definitely be checking that out. :)

Trisha: There are so many animals going extinct per hour, it's horrific!

I have a small margin of music that I listen to, most of the time; if it's not classical or jazz, or something like it, I'll get irritated.

You're welcome! It was fun stopping by all the blogs.

Lee: I really should find out about Bruckner.

The Weed: Hey, I'm glad you liked it! :)

I've never heard of either--I'll have to Google them.

Misha: Well, I don't like hearing about animals dying anywhere, anytime.

Oh, I love Vivaldi and Mozart!

Elena: You're welcome! :)

Tracy: I didn't know that!

Thanks for the nugget of information. :)

Charles: When I'm writing things out in something like the 1st draft, I usually pay little attention to the prose itself; but I can see how it would be distracting if you're trying to listen to the way the words sound.

The Golden Eagle said...

Madeleine: Agreed. It is a shame.

They are annoying . . .

Too bad about the video!

Maybe. :)

Misha: It is. :(

You should read it! It's worth the time, and it's relatively short, too.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

@Eagle I was thinking The Replacement was more horror (which can also be paranormal, which just makes it creepier) - I'm not much for horror, but maybe I'm wrong about the book?