01 November, 2010

The Beginning

Tis the beginning of November!

Several things happen this month:

NaNoWriMo and its accompanying frenzy. I am participating HERE, although the site's down and I can't access it. There are just too many writer's trying to get on, I guess. But that's better than just a few, lonely participants. :)

Voting on November 2nd. Unfortunately, it's all "this candidate did this!" and "that candidate did that!" and blame, and guilt by association, and attack ads, and "I'm mad as hell" (seriously, I visited one site and the person running actually appeared on the screen and said it. Right. Uh-huh. Integrity, please!). There are few to nil "I am going to do this when you elect me" or "I am pledging my support for that" which is extremely dismaying--and all these newcomers don't have a record you can follow.

The Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not the hugest fan of Thanksgiving, although I do enjoy the purpose of the holiday. We really should be giving thanks--much more often than we do. Plus, there are the family get-togethers for a lot of people.

Did I mention frantic writing on the side of NaNoWriMo? Yes? Oh.

I will try to keep up my blogging, and I will post book reviews sometime--I haven't done one in a week, and I've got several sitting in my Draft pile. There's just too much to post about 'round here! I didn't have that problem before, but it's a good one to have at any rate. ;)

I wasn't very present on the blogosphere today, either; I'll be getting to you peeps tomorrow.

Finally, I'm also going to say: "Have a great month!" before I forget it, and really, I hope you do.

-----The Golden Eagle


Gail said...

Good luck with your writing project.

I can never seem to get beyond one short story at a time. Is there even a market for short stories anymore??

Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NANO!!!! All the best with it!!!

Voting is a good thing! Sorry if the candidates are all polarised - politics is really weird!!

Anyway!! Have a great NANO!!

Take care

N. R. Williams said...

Hey Golden, if you don't make the rounds it's understandable. Good luck with NaNo.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Mary said...

Don't worry about the rounds.
Best of luck with NaNo!

Jackee said...

Good luck with NaNo! :o) That is awesome you're doing it. I haven't been that brave yet.

I agree about Thanksfiving--so I pretend it's just practice for Christmas. lol

Have a wonderful month as well!

Clarissa Draper said...

Thank you. I'm hoping to be able to get into NaNo soon.


Jules said...

Sending you a jolt of encouragement. Make the rounds for fun, otherwise conquer the NaNo. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Tyrean Martinson said...

Good luck with your NaNo! I'm working on one that too.
Happy ThanksGiving Month!

Holly Ruggiero said...

Good luck getting through NaNo!

Caroline said...

Good luck with Nano! As Aivlys said, you didn't have a problem in June with getting enough words, so I am fully confident that can get 50,000 words, if not exceed that, in November. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Gail: Thanks! :)

I've noticed people saying they're publishing short stories in several places . . . I think there's still a pretty big market for them.

Old Kitty: Thank you!

Yes, it is rather weird . . . but at least some candidates aren't weird!

You too!

Nancy: I just feel kinda guilty when I don't make them . . . people are posting and I feel like I should let them know I'm reading!


Mary: Well, I'll try to make as many as I can, anyway.

Thanks a lot!

Jackee: Be brave! Be bold! ;)


Clarissa: Write, write, write!

Jules: I think I will try to focus on NaNo as much as I can . . . I really want to be able to say I wrote 50,000 words in one month. :P

Tyrean: Thanks. :)

Have a good one yourself!

Holly: Thank you!!

Caroline: Well, I'll try. But I think I can, and I hope your writing goes well too, Caroline! :)