13 October, 2010

Animal Writes Blogfest: Hunting in the Blue Depths

Yes, I am participating in another blogfest! This one sounded pretty cool, so I signed up and here is my entry for the Animal Writes Blogfest. The challenge for this one is to write a piece from a viewpoint of any animal, (less than 1000 words!) so long as their minds aren't like humans'--mermaids, apparently, are out.

I'm not going to tell which animal this happens to be until the end, but see if you can guess!

   I felt the cold current wash over me while I sensed my prey nearby. It was only a small change in temperature, but I could feel the colder waters behind me, beckoning me back into their embrace.
   My prey loomed closer.
   I changed my skin, feeling less than seeing my skin ripple and morph into something entirely different from what it had been just a few seconds ago. A passing sea creature didn’t even spare me a glance as it went on its way—I felt almost invincible.
   But I couldn’t dwell on my success for long.
   The subject of my hunt paused as if to look around, its eyes swiveling and moving about. It began to inch sideways toward a shallow, cave-like formation in the nearby coral.
   What it didn’t know was that I had no intentions of letting it disappear out my sight.
   I inched closer, raising a long row of ridges along my back, moving my tentacles like the seaweed nearby. My prey was oblivious, and it moved slowly, unaware it was being expertly stalked.
   Striking out before it could dive away, my feelers latched on with their surprising strength. The little crab thrashed and tried to snap at me, but before it could inflict any harm, I had already swallowed it whole.
   Satisfied now with this particular outcrop, I pulled away from the coral and started to slide over the seabed, the cool sand brushing my underside. My tentacles waved almost lazily in the currents, flowing back and forth. I changed my appearance yet again, sensing the color change.
   I saw one of my cousins nearby, moving relatively quickly, chasing after its own meal. I didn’t spare it a glance, instead deciding that perusing an attractively varied mound of coral over yonder held more interest.
   I pumped my way over, send little puffs of water backwards as I moved. I didn’t go very fast—my little body couldn’t do much in the way of speed, unless it was to catch a crab or fish.
   The other animals around me paid me no attention. The sharks, too busy with their own activities—fighting over food, hunting, looking for mates—didn’t bother with me, all by my lonesome, creeping across the floor below them.
   When I reached it, the coral seemed beautiful, even to my eyes. My W-shaped pupils shifted as the light filtered from above hit me, and I hooked myself onto a particularly wavy piece of growth. I tried to blend in with it, mold myself into the green, but it didn’t work.
   So I tried something else—a dark red, mottled surface greeted me as I swam around the coral and I settled into that, raising bumps along my skin and looking perfectly like my surroundings.
   It was peaceful here, I decided, not moving an inch. I stayed as silent and as still as the coral I was resting on. The waters were nice. One of the nearby sharks lazily arced above, making a shadow on the sea floor. It was closer than it had been before, but I didn’t worry unduly—I was much too far away to be seen clearly enough, and much too small to fill up that behemoth.
   Yes, right here, this place was peaceful, serene . . .
   A fish innocently swam past.
   I shot my long feelers out again, hitting the fish’s side and drawing it in quickly. I had broken my cover, but the delicacy I was now digesting more than paid off.
   I swam away again, and if smiling had been in my repertoire, believe me, I would have been.

If you guessed octopus, you'd be wrong. If you guessed cuttlefish, then you'd be right!

I had considered doing an eagle or something like that, but that would have been much too obvious. So, I settled on what's practically the opposite of my name--a squid.

If you're doing this blogfest, comment and tell me so I can check out your entry!

-----The Golden Eagle


Jules said...

Man, your descriptions and the imaginary you paint make me feel like I was in the sea :D

This was awesome! Great job. :)

I'm in the fest but yours ROCKS!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks, Jules! :)

Misha1989 said...

I agree with Jules. Your description was so vivid. Is it a contest? If it is, I hope you win.

The Golden Eagle said...

Nope, not a contest, just a blogfest.

Holly Ruggiero said...
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Holly Ruggiero said...

Awesome. I kept going back and forth. The thought octopus, but something felt off. The W eyes that should have been the final clue for me!

I did the blogfest too and chose not to tell people what I was at the beginning either.

N. R. Williams said...

An excellent post Golden. I was drawn in completely and trying to figure out what animal changed it's skin. You already comment on my animal post. Thank you very much.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Aleta said...

I felt as though the air around me turned into water! This was just incredible!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Wow! A wonderful post, Golden Eagle. I knew that it was a water creature,I had thought a fish, but when you referred to it changing color, I was a bit confused. Your vivid descriptions sucked me into the water: I was right beside the cuttlefish.
Thanks for your comment on my Animal Writes Blog Fest Post.

Jen Chandler said...

I loved this! The imagry was beautiful. When you were describing the peace of clinging to the coral, I was there, swaying along with the undersea current. Thanks for bringing me a bit of respite in my day :)


Carolyn Abiad said...

Love that you took us under the sea! Very interesting choice of animal and lovely descriptions.

Marieke said...

Ooh, the descriptions are wonderful! Particularly like the last bit! :)

J.C. Martin said...

Lovely description of underwater life! And I do love calamari. :)

lettucehead said...

So cool! This was written very clear and each sentence was important, so this is rare. Thank you for participating :)

Clarissa Draper said...

That is so cool! I love the different animal choices.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

That was super! I just watched a special on TV on Cuttlefish (and took notes). Interesting creatures...

Dayana Stockdale said...

Woot woot! I guess right. Cuttlefish are sooo awesome. This was a really, fun enjoyable post! The only part that caught me off guard was this line: "fighting over food, hunting, looking for mates." It confused me that the sharks were doing so much at once. Other than that, it read very smoothly and I felt transported under the sea. Thanks for participating!

Jennifer said...

Hello Eagle!

I really enjoyed your entry.. your story benefited so much from the movement words you used, like swaying, swiveling, creeping,I could feel your little buddy's journey the whole scene through! Loved it.


The Golden Eagle said...

Holly: I love cuttlefish eyes. :)

Nancy: I wanted something different . . . so I went with cuttlefish.

Aleta: I tried to make the reader feel what the animal was feeling--I'm glad you thought it well-done.

Rachna: Yup, squid can change color!

Jen: You're welcome. :)

Carolyn: Happy you think so!

Marieke: I do wonder how many animals can feel amusement/contentment--why not cuttlefish?

J. C.: I've never eaten calamari; it always seemed sort of . . . squishy to me. :P

Lettucehead: I try to keep as many unnecessary phrases out of my writing as possible.

Clarissa: I know! I loved clicking on the entrants and seeing which animals they chose.

Sharon: Was it NOVA? Because they did a really cool show called The Kings of Camouflage on squid. :)

Dayana: Well, I figured that something as small as a cuttlefish wouldn't really understand completely what was happening to it--but I suppose there is a lot in that sentence. This was really fun to do, Dayana! :D

Jennifer: Water moves in very descriptive ways--it seemed the best way to get that across.

laughingwolf said...

pretty neat tale, ge... i did correctly guess what it is

methinks you meant 'than' here: "something entirely different then..."

but even that would be wrong, for it's 'different from'....

The Golden Eagle said...

Aha! So someone did manage to guess. :D

I guess it is supposed to be "different from" as opposed to "than" or "then"--thanks!

roh morgon said...

Nice. The changing color was the key. At first I thought octopus, but the ridges told me no and cuttlefish came immediately to mind. I've seen the PBS specials on them and they're fascinating.

Thanks for a realistic glimpse into life in the sea!

The Golden Eagle said...

You're welcome! :)