18 October, 2010


And here I was worrying about not having any posts for October . . .

This tag comes from Icewolf at Define Normal (For My Lack Of One).

This tag requires some Picnik skills, because the tag is choosing an animal that best fits your personality, stating why that animal is like you, and then posting an image (edited) that says "Deep down at heart . . . I'm an [insert animal] . . . "

I thought about doing an animal other than a Golden Eagle, but then I thought maybe you'd be interested in why I consider myself to share characteristics with Golden Eagles. So here's my image:

And here are my reasons:

Aquila Chrysaetos is a strong, intelligent, and majestic animal. I've always wanted to soar through the air, and the Golden Eagle is very adept at flying and hunting (they are known to kleptoparasitize--I don't do that, though. :P). Also like the golden eagle, I am relatively solitary; I am strong independently, but I don't mind working as a pair with someone else. The places they live in are varied, and moving around isn't a bother for me. They prefer high-up locations to nest, such as in trees or cliffs; I love a view.

I'm going to tag whoever feels like doing this!

What animal are you most like? Care to say?

-----The Golden Eagle


Anonymous said...

Love the Image Golden Eagle! :D!!!!!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Excellent image!
I'd be a big cat of some sorts.

The Golden Eagle said...

Brena: Thank you!

Alex: Really? I wonder which one. :)

C. N. Nevets said...

I'm a sloth, but not because I'm lazy. lol

Hannah Kincade said...

I've been called a panda bear but there's a story behind it.

Gail said...

I may be a trap-door spider...like to stay tucked out of sight.

Memzie said...

Cool! I think I will do this one! It looks like fun!

Quinn said...

I really like this. I'd have think more about what animal I am. I want to find just the right one. Maybe I'll post this on my blog later in the week after I decide.

The Golden Eagle said...

Nevets: They may be slow, but they're awesome animals; there's really nothing like them. (Although, there is that dancing one on PBS Kids. :P)

Hannah: I love panda bears! I've seen real, live ones actually, at the National Zoo in DC. :)

Gail: Nice choice!

Memzie: I'm interested in seeing what you'll pick!

Quinn: Awesome!