27 October, 2010

Tag and Award

Today, I have an award and a tag!

I was awarded by N. R. Williams at N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author!

The rules for the Honest Scrap award are:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to their blog. (Check!)
2. List ten things about yourself.
3. Award 7 other bloggers.

10 things about myself! Um, well, let's see . . .

1. The first actual chapter book that I finished, (not those reader things, like Nate the Great) was Charlotte's Web.
2. I don't like Pride and Prejudice. The book, that is; I've never seen the movie, nor do I intend to. Elizabeth got on my nerves, I'm afraid.
3. I've started stories in the SF, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Dystopia, and Realistic Fiction genres. (I have never, *cough* finished any of them, however.)
4. I tend to run out of steam with these sorts of questions right around this point.
5. I currently have mild writer's block with my story.
6. I love Word. I'd probably write less if Word was not around.
7. I like snow.
8. I think you bloggers rock.
9. I cannot play the banjo. I can, however, play the violin and piano, and I can make a recorder not sound like a train whistle. I fail at pan pipes.
10. I am ambidextrous to the point of being able to write with my left hand, although it usually comes out wobbly.

The 7 bloggers I award are (because I'm curious to see what they might come up with):

Simon Kewin
Jennifer Hillier
Rachel Morgan
C. N. Nevets
Jessica Bell


The tag is from Abby!

1.What is/are your favorite character/s from the show Little House On the Prairie?
I've never watched Little House On the Prairie, but from the book, I do like Laura.

2. What is your favorite dessert?
Frozen fruit. Blueberries, mango, strawberries, cherries, peaches . . . mmm.

3. What is your favorite state?
Alaska, for its nature. (I may not like Sarah Palin, but I do like the state itself.) Or Hawaii, although I wouldn't want to move there.

4. What is your favorite color?
More like color schemes . . . as long as it goes together well, I like it.

5. When is your birthday?

6. What is your favorite TV show?
NOVA on PBS. That show rocks, I tell you. Last night they had one on the Chilean miners, going through the days as Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C went into action. I was grinning when they showed the miners coming up from the ground, since really, it was an amazing rescue!

7. What are your favorite condiments?
I don't use salt, pepper, stuff like that. (I'm assuming that's what you mean.) But I do like Newman's Own Sesame Ginger sauce.

8. What is your bedroom color?
Green. Light green. It's not sickly or anything, though.

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The one about running out of steam with the questions was good!

Hannah Kincade said...

LOL! Congrats on your award! I love knowing a little more about peeps. :D

Jules said...

Oops, how embarrassing. I gave you this award as well. Ah, come on answer some questions, LOL

Congrats my friend.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

C. N. Nevets said...

Thanks, G'Eagle! I'm glad you think I might be interesting! I'll post my response within a few days. :)

A banjo is sort of like the deliquent child of a violin and a piano, isn't it?

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: Thank you!

Hannah: Me, too. I tried not to be boring here . . . :P

Jules: :D Thanks so much for awarding me, Jules! I'll post this award again soon then, and I'll be sure to link to you.

Nevets: I'm looking forward to it! And you ARE interesting!

Sort of, yeah. I could probably figure it out if I tried hard enough.

DLCurran said...

Congrats on your award! I loved the comment about running out of steam the best! Made me laugh out loud! :)

N. R. Williams said...

Questions are hard when written out like that. I would much rather answer those kinds of questions from a character's POV.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Arlee Bird said...

I'm going to act as an advocate for Pride and Predjudice. Last year I decided to read the original before I read the zombies version. The first 100 pages or so were tedious, but it was because I wasn't used to Austen's style and because of that obstacle I was missing the humor of the story. Eventually I got into the rhythm of the reading and realized it was a high brow comedy.

In the end I loved the book so much that I rented every DVD version I could find. My wife and I watched them all and enjoyed them all. The newest version is the least good. The best is the 1940s version. If you don't mind those old black and white films I recommend it. The movie is funny and Laurence Olivier's Mr. Darcy is absolutely superb as are all of the actors' roles.

You might want to give it another chance. Maybe wait a few years and it will seem better. There's a reason that this book is considered such a classic.

Tossing It Out

laughingwolf said...

grats on the award, ge!

later on, when you can afford it, you may wanna check out 'dramatica pro', a brilliant piece of writing software... it won't write your tale, but it will help point you in various directions and offer great suggestions....

Holly Ruggiero said...

I like your number 4 in the first round.

Elliot Grace said...

...enjoyed the info:)

Word of advice...if you're not a fan of "Pride" the story, you'll despise the flick...movie buff beware!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Congratulations on the award...My BD is in December too...I'm going to have to check out that ginger sauce.

Have a great week!

Shelley said...

Interesting things about yourself, and nice answers! I cannot play the banjo either, but I have learned how to play both the piano and violin, but forgot everything I was taught! :)

Jen Daiker said...

The first time I've heard someone say they weren't a fan of Elizabeth! Good for you for sharing your true feelings!

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on your award. It was fun to learn more about you. I love Word too!

If you get a chance tomorrow, please stop by my blog. I'm hosting a Halloween Haunting!

Clarissa Draper said...

Congrats on the award. Pride & Prejudice is not my favorite Austen novel as well. I can not play the banjo as well.

Have a great week!


J.C. Martin said...

Congrats on the award! Guess what? Here's another one!

'Cherry on Top' award.

Come and get it!


The Golden Eagle said...

DLCurran: Thanks! And I'm glad you liked the post. :)

Nancy: That would be an interesting way of doing it! Maybe I'll try that sometime . . .

Lee: Maybe I will like it eventually; some things just grow on me. More to you for enjoying it, though!

Laughingwolf: Thanks!

Dramatica Pro? Never heard of that software before; I'll have to check it out!

Holly: ;D

Elliot: Glad you did!

Thanks for the advice. :)

Sharon: Awesome! December-born unite!

LOL. If you ever try the sauce, it goes very well with noodles/chicken/pork. :)

Shelley: Some things just fade after a while . . . but if you tried taking lessons again, some of it at least would probably come back.

Jen: Elizabeth never particularly appealed to me, although she does have more sense that some of the other characters.

Theresa: Thank you!

I checked out your Halloween Haunting--awesome idea, BTW!

Clarissa: Too bad about not being able to play the banjo. :P

You too!

J. C.: AWESOME. Thank you, thank you! :D

laughingwolf said...

this be her: http://www.dramatica.com/

Jessica Bell said...

Thanks for the award! I'm HOPELESS at reciprocating these ... but I'll do my best! :o) Thanks so much!

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

Congrats on the awards and fun hearing all your answers!

Tyrean Martinson said...


The Golden Eagle said...

Laughingwolf: Thanks for the link! :)

Jessica: You're welcome!

Alyssa: Thanks, and I'm glad you had fun reading my answers. :D

Tyrean: Thank you!

Aisle B said...

Nice getting to know you buddy!

And what do you mean... you did not watch Little House on the Prairie??? Get with it and grab 1 rerun... I liked the troublemaker Nellie... more exciting ;)

The Golden Eagle said...

Really?! I guess I should check it out . . . thanks for commenting! :)