17 October, 2010

October is Still Here

Halfway through the month or so and 19 posts later, I've still managed to keep it up for NaBloWriMo!

Congrats to the others who are participating with me! I've seen consistent posts through October--let's keep it up, all! Type, type, type!


I'm supposed to write a backstory piece of one of my characters. I haven't written a thing, and consequently the document is titled CURRENTLY UNTITLED AND PRETTY DARN UNWRITTEN.

Eloquent, right? I figured CAPS whenever I turn on the computer would get my attention . . . sadly though, my inspiration seems to have decided I'm not worth the effort. But I'll get something done--it's just that if I write down a particular character's past, then it's full of spoilers. Another person's history takes place in a military academy. Other people don't remember their history, and even if they did, it wouldn't make much of a story.


I hate sloppy first drafts. I know, I know, I see in a lot of places "Don't worry about your first draft!" and to just write, (Zemanta is offering my an article that says "Get the damn thing done!") but if I don't edit/revise as I go, I end up stuck, with too many loose ends, impossible situations, and just general chaos--and I don't like the feeling. Kenneth Oppel (who is one of my favorite authors) actually suggests editing/revising the draft if you get writers' block, which I think is excellent advice. It's works for me, anyway.

Sort of. I've been working on my first draft for over a year now, and it still is not finished. I love writing it, don't get me wrong, but I tend to be astonished (and maybe a tad envious) when people say "I wrote this in _____ months!" because it's certainly taking me longer than that.

Do you think writing the first draft as fast as possible is the best idea, or do you like editing as you go along?

(Chopper rattling the windows right now--and pounding the eardrums. Very annoying. Might be some planes up there, too. Although, it's not all bad. There are helicopters in my story, believe me, so I guess it's just a another writing experience, eh?)


Fall has almost definitely set in now. The heater is on, (boo--do you know how much oil that takes?) and the days are brisk. I love brisk, and windy too. There's a lot of wind these days, and it finally cleared up after half a week of rain; it's sunny, the trees are orange, and the sky is blue. Huzzah!

Another aspect to fall is the winter squash--my mom got some for free where she works and I can smell it baking right now. It smells better than it tastes, I'm afraid. I don't like squash, generally--I've never liked pumpkin, hubbard tastes blah (despite what the people at the senior center state), I'm not a fan of acorn. But zucchini can be okay.


I'm done with the miscellany! I think . . . yes, that's it. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

-----The Golden Eagle


Caroline said...

Wow, congratulations!!! I haven't posted on my blog 10 whole days, which is beyond belief (though I'm currently working on a post.)

Hmm, well, I actually do prefer to re-write/revise while I'm working on the draft. My whole book and story idea tends to change majorly over the first draft (and sometimes over a weeks) and I write stuff that happens later on that doesn't fit with what happened earlier (for instance, I recently eliminated one of the characters and I have to go back and take her out of all the scenes she's in.) I'm not sure how I'll be able to cope during Nano when I'm not supposed to touch the rest of the messy draft!:D

Bleh, I'm not much of a squash person, either, though I agree that zucchini is the best.:)

The Golden Eagle said...


So I'm not alone! :) I didn't know how I'd be able to handle it during NaNoWriMo, either; that's part of the reason I'm not doing it.

Go, Zucchini!

John The Bookworm said...

You're not doing NaNo? PLEASE DO NANO. I don't know anyone in real life that's doing it, and I'm totally revamping (and hopefully actually FINISHING) my first draft WIP with it. Sometimes it's better to just let your inspiration FLY. Maybe work on a novella or tie-in for your current WIP? Sometimes working within the world more frequently helps. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes writes all of her books in the same universe place, and she wrote so many MSes before her first was published (still at 14 - girl got smarts).

The Words Crafter said...

I've been doing the opposite. I've gone from posting every day to just a few times a week.

I'm going to do the NaNoWriMo thing and I suppose I'm going to learn how to just write and worry about editing later. For me, the point is to actually write!

I love yellow squash and zucchini is ok raw....

Icewolf said...

have you read Darkwing? He wrote that book and I absolutely loved it! Though I don't really believe in evolution, the story is just very well written!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I usually plow through the first draft (although not at a breakneck speed) and edit later. My current work, I did go back to fix something as I could keep going forward until I fixed it.

Quinn said...

I put time and work into my first drafts. I just can't go on if I know something's not right.

With my first book, I had a completed 2nd draft in a month and a half. I would write a chapter by hand and then type it, editing and adding as I did.

My second book took longer to write (6 months), but I took my time on it.

Anyway, I always make sure a chapter is perfect (or close to it) before I move on. I don't really buy into this plow through it and then spend a year on edits. Better to do it right the first time and then have less edits to do later.

Marieke said...

I edit while writing too. I tend to read back on what I added next time I open the document and just try to fix what's wrong. That I've a few crit partners who read the first draft almost as it comes along so I get realtime feedback ;)

Also, squash <3

The Golden Eagle said...

John: That's a good idea. I don't tend to let go of my writing, (in fact, I can be kind of restrictive when it comes to what I write) so I guess NaNo could help in that respect . . .

I've never read Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, but she's certainly written a lot! Wow.

The Words Crafter: I like creating a story less than writing for the sake of it, although writing is certainly fun. :)

I tend to like cooked zucchini. :P

Icewolf: I've read Darkwing! Excellent book.

Alex: Each to their own method. :)

Quinn: That's what I find, too. I don't tend to edit individual chapters, though; I write my book in parts and edit those.

Marieke: I work on my book alone; no one except me reads it (I intend on having my mom read it once I'm done).

<3 da squash! :D

Clarissa Draper said...

I love just writing the first draft without editing but honestly I write slow.

My writing day: 1000 words, edit those words, update my writing notebook.

Start the day all over again.


Elena Solodow said...

I had to stop myself from editing a first draft. I always ended up with MORE loose ends than just writing through. Early in my "career", I wrote screenplays, and I would edit the plot-line so much that the ending became too muddled to reach and I'd have to abandon the project. Lesson learned.

Misha said...

I've been busy with Dorrways for over a year too. And it has just under 30k words.

I actually write pen and paper without editing because if I do edit, I get so stuck trying to perfect what I have written that I kill my inpiration. Not to mention the fact that I don't get to write anything new...


The Golden Eagle said...

Clarissa: That's a solid schedule. :)

Elena: I find it the opposite, but I can see how trying to revise while writing would make things too muddled.

Misha: I type up everything into a Word doc, but there are definitely benefits to writing with pen and paper; restricting editing being one of them.