22 October, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Today is the day of N. R. Williams's Halloween Party 2010!

Now, for this, you have to post your trick, your treat, and your costume. Be sure to check out the other entries!

Me being who I am, I actually wrote a short piece, and here it is:

Transition into the virtual world is easy; I land perfectly on both feet, twirl once, then take note of my surroundings.
   I’m in a forest—that much is obvious. The trees around me are half-bare, their light brown and gray branches reaching up for the sky, as if by letting go of their leaves they wish to transcend the world they currently inhabit.
   Orange and yellow leaves coat the ground, and as I move, they crunch and break. It’s a pleasant sound, and I wade around a little, enjoying my time here.

   But this wasn’t my real purpose. I didn’t come just to enjoy the fall season, although the idea of tramping through these woods definitely appeals. I pick up the package I’d brought with me, and sling it over by back.
   I crunch more leaves as I walk down a path, a crooked wooden sign pointing the way to:
   The Haunted Inn.
   Gleeful shivers run up my spine when I see those words, and I smile just as crookedly as the sign.
   My costume for Nancy’s Halloween Party (you really must give her a hand at this wonderful idea!) is a phoenix. It’s a dress of sorts—the skirt flows to the ground and is orange like the leaves; the bodice is yellow and the sleeves are bright red. They hang down like wings, covered in elegant feathers. On my forehead is a long plume that rises up a little, then sweeps down. My solid black hair is loose with tiny braids woven into it.
   The Haunted Inn is ahead. I grin again, and start running, loving the feel of the wind against my face and my costumes sweeps a trail through the leaves. They fly up behind me and I create a miniature whirlwind of phoenix, feathers, and leaves.

   I want to laugh, but tamp it down and instead avoid ramming into another arriving guest. He turns and looks at me, and I smile in return. I don’t know who it is, but he looks vaguely familiar. Perhaps I follow his blog.
   Nancy is at the door. I give her a hug and compliment her costume—it really is fantastic.
   I look around The Haunted Inn, trying to see it in all its dilapidated glory. It’s a wonderful place, despite the ghost stories that originated within its old, ancient doors.
   But before entering the hall beyond, I hand Nancy the pack that I’d been carrying. My treat for the Halloween Party is a bag of goodies—chocolate, licorice, everything that people associate with Halloween.

   I walk inside the hall beyond the entryway, and I am immediately hit with the number of costumes. People are dancing to spooky music, laughing, talking, eating candy, drinking some bright orange and black drinks. A robotic waiter cruises over and offers me one of the drinks; I take it hesitantly and sniff it.
   Ah. It’s just some crazily dyed punch—and it’s not spiked with anything, except the dye. I drink some of it and look for someplace to set up my trick.
   I spot some bloggers I know talking and dancing. I grin and wave at them, then turn to set up the trick. Sliding through the guests, I duck past some awesome costumes and finally reach a secluded section of the room. I pull out a small device from my sleeve—loose clothes have many advantages—and place it gently on the floor. Nearby is a decorated circuit breaker, covered in festive ribbons to hide its stark and almost ugly appearance.
   Moments later, the lights flicker. No one really notices, and many keep dancing. I drink more of the punch and watch as they flicker again.

   People are noticing now.
   I slink over to a stairway and jog up them to the second floor, up to the overhanging balcony where I can watch more closely.
   The lights flicker again, stay on for a moment, and then they go out completely. The only thing keeping a dim light in the room are the candles—I’m next to one and I lean in, the orange flame reflecting off my costume of the same color.
   Something white and eerie eases out of the corner where I placed the projector. It soars up and another appears behind it. They begin to whirl and spin above the guests’ heads, and they are suddenly in consternation, asking what’s happening, whispering, making exclamations.

   More forms appear above. Now it’s obvious what they are—witches, ghosts, skeletons, and there are a few bubbling cauldrons. They twirl and spin in a spooky dance, and I’m glad for the music still playing, because it compliments the show quite perfectly.
   Then they begin to disappear. The cauldrons dance a wobble a few more times, then vanish completely without a sound. The witches soar up through the ceiling and disappear. The ghosts dance a little longer, seemingly oblivious to their disappearing counterparts, and the skeletons continue to move about. Then they, too, dissipate.
   The ghosts seem to exchange nods before floating down back toward the projector, sliding back to where they came from. The lights begin to return in flashes, until the place is fully lit again, the orange and black theme back in full relief.
   The guests are talking to each other, wondering what just happened, and watch from my perch on the balcony.
   I decide to go down and join in on all the fun.




{All images were found online and I do not own/claim anything.}

-----The Golden Eagle


Jen Daiker said...

This was so fun!!! I completely forgot about the party! I hope she doesn't kick me out!!! Your stories are always so fun, your voice is amazing.

brave chickens said...

Why is Halloween such a big deal? In Australia, its starting to pick up (veeeeeeeeeery slowly) but hardly anyone ever goes door to door, trick o' treating.

I don't get it. At all. :S

Hannah Kincade said...

that was so much fun!! Good job!

Simon Kewin said...

Heh, excellent stuff - many thanks for the read.

Aleta said...

I loved reading this. i felt as though I was there and now wish I knew about the party ahead of time. Loved it!

Joanna St. James said...

Thank you for visiting my blog I am following you now

Jules said...

Bravo My Dear. Your costume sounds wonderful. My post will be later tonight I had to get something off my chest first :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Sangu said...

This was so much, thanks for posting it! Such a creative way to fulfill the criteria too!

Thank you for the comment on my blog!

N. R. Williams said...

That was great Golden, you went way beyond what I asked. I love you costume, your trick and your treat. In my novella, a phoenix is the main character.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Francine said...


Oooh, such a pretty costume! I envy your colourful aura, and love the story.


Nicole MacDonald said...

I love your version!! And I want to see that dress :) sounds gorgeous!


Clarissa Draper said...


I also wanted to say thank you for all the kind encouraging words you left me on my blog.

Thank you.


Holly Ruggiero said...

Simple wonderful.

KK Brees said...

I want that house!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Very cool! I loved your costume...

Paul C said...

I create a miniature whirlwind of phoenix, feathers, and leaves....A macabre story befitting the season.

Summer Ross said...

Oh this was fantastic! I really had a blast reading it! I love the voice in here and your descriptions!

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Lol loved it good job!

Mary said...

I felt as if I were lurking. Great job!

Darlyn said...

it really sounds fun girl!

The Golden Eagle said...

Jen: I doubt she'll kick you out!

Thank you. :)

Brace Chickens: I don't really "get" dressing up and going trick-or-treat-ing, but a bulk of the people in the USA celebrate it. I join in because it's fun.

Hannah: Glad you think so!

Simon: You're welcome!

Aleta: I think there's still time to join in; the party runs until the 24!

Joanna: Thanks so much, Joanna! :D

Jules: I actually did plan to dress up as a phoenix one year . . . but there wasn't enough time in the end to get my costume done. I ended up going as a princess. :P

Sangu: I wanted to write something, so I decided to make this up.

Nancy: Really? Cool! I love phoenixes.

The Golden Eagle said...

Francine: I always liked the idea of a phoenix costume myself; I figured, if I wasn't going to do it in real life, why not describe it here? :)

Nicole: Thank you!

Clarissa: You're welcome. And I'm going to say it again: Congratulations!!!

Holly: I'm glad you think so!

KK Brees: So do I! It looks awesome, doesn't it?

Sharon: I loved describing it. :)

Paul C: I do love this season's atmosphere. There's just something about autumn.

Summer: I tried to use the description; usually it takes a backseat in my writing.

Bluicegal: Thanks!

Mary: Thank you for that comment. :)

Darlyn: It was a fun Halloween Party!

Misha1989 said...

It was great to read! Geat job.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Excellent stuff here. I really liked your description and the tone you'd set for this piece. Nicely done.

Alison said...

Ooh...this is great!

The Golden Eagle said...

Misha1989: Thank you!

Jeffrey: Glad you think so!

Thanks for following, too. :)

Alison: Thanks!