03 October, 2011

The Answers To Reader Questions!

Last week I celebrated 800 Followers by announcing a Q&A session. Well, here are the questions I got, with my answers!

Bethany Elizabeth asked: Which book - not necessarily your favorite - have you read that you would say is the best well-written? and If you had to pick a published author whose style you feel is close to yours, who would it be?

Question 1: That's a tough question! I had to think about it for a while, but I would say that The Kite Runner has some excellent writing, as does its companion, A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Question 2: Well, according to I Write Like, my style is close to Kurt Vonnegut and Arthur C. Clarke's. And though I don't consider myself to be anywhere near the genius of Arthur C. Clarke, just based on the books I've read by him, my style isn't so many light-years apart from his as some authors. Like Kurt Vonnegut. There is no way I write like him . . . although that isn't to say he wasn't a good writer.

Old Kitty asked: If you weren't a Golden Eagle and apart from Condors (yay!) what other creature would your alter ego be? and Einstein's theory of special relativity in the light (ahem) of the Cern experiment. Excited?!?!?

Question 1: A Bateleur? Okay, it's a raptor too, so I guess that's cheating . . . how about a narwhal?

Question 2: Yes! I hope it turns out that the neutrinos actually went faster than the speed of light. That would be an amazing scientific breakthrough.

Alex J. Cavanaugh asked: What books do you want to read next? Or movies. Or both!

There are a ton of books I want to read, and a few movies I'd like to see. But high up on my list of books are Goliath by Scott Westerfeld (I want to know what happens!), Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (it's still being written, but I love anything she writes), Spiral by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams (one of the most awesome series ever), the other books in Discworld (I've only read 6 so far, out of 37--soon to be 38), and others--including CassaStar. :)

Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (no, I haven't seen it yet), The Hobbit (it sounds like it's going to be good) and, um, others which I can't think of right now . . .

Alleged Author asked: What is your favorite genre to write?

Science Fiction!

Anonymous asked: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Doing scientific research, hopefully--at the moment I can't decide whether there's greater attraction in biology or physics.

Susan Gourley/Kelley asked: I believe you are homeschooled, right? What literature reads would you recommend to all students?

I am indeed homeschooled. As for literature reads, hmm . . . War and Peace, at least one play by Shakespeare, Grendel (I really, really like this book), Beowulf, Things Fall Apart, Moby-Dick, Les Miserables. Those would be some works I'd recommend, though I could come up with others as well.

Lynda R Young asked: If you could go anywhere, where would be the perfect place to live?

I'd say my own novel, but that world is pretty rough, and I wouldn't really be living under ideal circumstances (otherwise it would be a pretty boring story). So I'm just going to cite my results after playing around with the OECD's Better Life Index: Canada, Australia, or Sweden.

MyTricksterGod asked: What is your personal name?
What is your opinion on american culture? 
On your day-to-day interaction with its ethnicities?
And if you happen to be in a decision-making position of power, what would you do to make America what it "should be?"
And how different is your experience from the first time you interacted with this trans-atlantic nation?
My questions orient from the small(interaction with ethnicities) to the large(interactions with the national way of life).

Or you can simply answer the first Q and tell us your name. :)

I'm going to do this the hard way and answer all the questions, because I don't want to tell you my name. Just to stay completely anonymous and all that. :)

Question 1: It could be better. There are many positive things about the USA, but there are also a lot of negatives. America can be arrogant, make some pretty bad decisions, and the people aren't the nicest, most open-minded in the world. There is a strong current of complete independence and freedom from any authority in this country, which works both in its favor and, in some cases, against it.

Question 2: The town I live in is mostly white, and people have lived here for generations, so there isn't a whole lot of diversity locally (I'm one of only a few Asians in its 1000> population, and I might belong to only a couple minorities or so). But the city nearby is pretty diverse--there are people with many different ethnic backgrounds.

Question 3: So, if I suddenly became a Senator or the President (that's highly unlikely--I can run for President due to a retroactive bill passed on adoptions, but I was still born in China and I doubt a majority of voters would be okay with that) I would a.) Put a lot more emphasis on education and getting this country to the top of lists like this one b.) Ease this country off of oil, gas, and other fossil fuels and onto solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen, and other sources of renewable energy c.) Try to improve relations with other countries and not go to war in yet another one and d.) Do what is possible to help ease the gaping economic inequality.

Question 4: I'm not sure if anything has really changed--I was only 16 months when my mom adopted me, so I don't remember much. :P

Jake Henegan asked: First, which character, in any book, is the most like you? (and why) Second, what object on/in your desk/shelf/room defines you most as a person?

Question 1: I'm not sure about characters. There are few who really reach out and mirror my own opinions--the good and the bad. There are characters I'd like to think of myself as, but who really are like me? Maybe the main character from my novel. I know I project some of myself onto the people I create.

(Sorry, you probably wanted a character from a book you could pick up and read!)

Question 2: My bookshelf. That counts as a single object, right? ;)

(SOURCE. And no, that isn't mine. Sigh.)

Deborah Walker asked: How much time do you spend blogging. It must be a lot, I reckon. Whatever a 'lot' is. What keeps you motivated?

Question 1: I usually spend 2-4 hours blogging. I'm not sure what a "lot" is, either--though I did a poll on how much time people blogged once, and the majority was 1-2 hours, so I guess you could call it a lot.

Question 2: I've continued blogging because I learn a lot from it, and I get to "meet" all kinds of people I wouldn't be able to if I didn't.

BornStoryteller asked: Since you have so many followers...if you had us all in one location and you were our Queen (in reality), what type of Queen would you be and what would be your first Royal Command of us?

I would hope to be a kind Queen who only gives Royal Commands when absolutely necessary--first order of business would be to announce a huge party in the palace (I get a palace, right? LOL) and invite people to come and have some fun.

Clarissa Draper asked: What's the most amazing natural site/sight you've ever seen? (For example, Northern Lights or Niagara Falls, or a polar bear...)

There are bald eagles living around here. I'm always amazed to see them fly overhead or down by the river that runs by. :)

....Petty Witter said: I'd like to know if you had to name one campaign you feel strongly about what would it be - animal rights, child abuse, racism etc.

Environmental issues. I really wish we'd stop spewing toxic fumes into the air and destroying the ozone layer and bulldozing forests and so forth, when there alternatives that are renewable or don't pollute. Humans dump so many poisons into the air and water that have horrible effects on the environment.

Susan Fields asked: What is the most important piece of writing advice you've ever received?

Shut up and write--there are less-productive spells, and I do think writer's block exists and I've experienced it, but sometimes you just have to write.

Deniz Bevan asked: If you could have dinner with an author from any time in history, who would it be?

It would be amazing to have dinner with Isaac Asimov.

Madeleine asked: How do you spend a typical week day?

Morning: breakfast, schoolwork, writing, schoolwork, lunch.
Afternoon: walk (if the weather's okay), schoolwork, assorted stuff depending on what's going on, blogging.
Evening: dinner, go for another walk, reading or blogging, watch the Nightly Business Report and the PBS NewsHour, and then watch whatever's next on PBS, provided it interests me. NOVA, Nature, or any good science or history program, certainly.

Krispy asked: What's your favorite food?

Chinese food. :) Lo mein noodles, sesame chicken, egg/spring rolls, dumplings, stir fry, shish kebabs . . . mmmm.

The Dandy Lioness/Sofia asked: Do you have a favorite fantasy story setting/country? (As in, Middle Earth, Discworld, etc.)

While I love a whole lot of Fantasy worlds, one of my favorites is the world from the Eon and Eona books, by Alison Goodman.

Whew. Those were some great questions! Thank you for submitting them for me to answer. I had a lot of fun.

Anything else you would like to know?

***And finally, I'm being interviewed over at Angelina C. Hansen's blog! Hope you can stop by.***

-----The Golden Eagle


Sarah Pearson said...

Some great questions there, and some really interesting answers, thank you. I was all set to get very jealous at your bookshelves until I read the caption under the picture :-)

Emily Rose said...

Wonderful questions and answers! I would be a terrible interviewer - in all the time you gave us to ask questions, I couldn't think of a single one! Sorry about that:(
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P2 is good. Hope you enjoy it!

Southpaw said...

Those were a lot of questions, but you answered them all. I figured as an eagle you'd be in to environmental issues, but I didn't know birds liked Chinese food.

PS: I changed my URL and username back to southpaw, but managed to mess up my feeds.

Old Kitty said...

Narwhals are the best!! Awwww they are lovely!! Yay!! Thank you so much for answering my questions!! And yay for the rest of your Q&A too!!

I can so see you at the heart of all things cutting edge scientific in a few years' time too!! Hooorah! Take care

Alleged Author said...

I do envy people who are able to write sci-fi! Great answers! :)

Carrie Butler said...

Yay! Narwhals! Fun post, Eagle! :)

Sierra Gardner said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! And I really love the question/answer post =) Super fun to read and it totally prompted me to check out the neutrinos experiment.

p.s. I have a pad of paper in every place I am (car, house, school, purse, etc =)

David Powers King said...

That was an EPIC questionnaire! Goodness. It's like I know everything about you after reading all of that. And that's awesome!

Congratulations and your fellowship and thanks for sharing with us! :)

julie fedderson said...

I love that you would be a narwhal. Makes me hum that B52s song. And kudos to your environmental commitment, it is such an important thing to be aware of.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You answered everyone's question! And thanks for the answer on mine, although it sounds like you'll be busy with Discworld books for a while.

Su said...

Very cool! I think I want those bookshelves, too. I'm so looking forward to the day when you're a published author and I can read your book!

The Dandy Lioness said...

I've never heard of that series (the one you mentioned in my question). I'll have to check it out!

I'm waiting for Goliath (I think I'm either 30th, or 70th in line... Can't remember which) too, and Bitterblue. Ahh! I can't wait until that comes out/gets finished.

Narwhals :)

Mel Fowler said...

It's always great to get to know someone better. And, I totally think that it's okay that you don't want to tell us your name. One day when your novel comes out, then we may know. But, for now, you will remain Golden Eagle!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

bitterblue!! nice pick!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Wow. That was about the most fun I've had reading personal Q&A. Good questions and answers. The world seems like a hopeful place with people like you in it. I'd vote for you for President or Queen. ;)

J. A. Bennett said...

Great questions and witty answers. I still cry every time I think about "The Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Some seriously emotionaly powerful work.

Rob-bear said...

I tried the "I Write Like" out of curiosity. I gave it two different samples. The first is like David Foster Wallace, of whom I'd never heard. When I checked him out, not only do the two of us look quite similar, he had a long history of depression, as have I. SCARY!
The program could not handle the second sample. Meaning that a Bear who blogs has a unique style. As I always thought.
As to where you want to live, you want to come north to Canada. We have Narwhals here! Lots of them.

Deborah Walker said...

Great call on the Narwhals, Golden. Thanks for the interesting answers, great reading.

Maeve Frazier said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations and your fellowship!

Clarissa Draper said...

Awesome comments! I can't believe someone asked you your name. I totally get the anonymous thing. Thank you for choosing to answer my question.

Talli Roland said...

Great questions and answers! I always love to learn more about fellow bloggers. And yay for narwhales (narwals?). Whatever they are - yay!

Margo Benson said...

Awesome, in depth questions and fascinating answers. It's lovely to know more about you!

Charles Gramlich said...

Biology! I vote for biology. :) Best written book ever, The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen.

Shirley Wells said...

Great questions and wonderful answers. I love learning about fellow bloggers. I thought I'd have to come and steal your bookshelves until I saw they weren't yours. They're gorgeous.

The Golden Eagle said...

Sarah: You're welcome! :)

LOL. I'm jealous of whoever's bookshelves they actually are!

Emily: Thanks!

That's okay--thank YOU for following my blog. :)

From what I've heard it's good; I can't wait until the DVD comes out . . .

Southpaw: They were! But I had fun answering them.

LOL. Well, this one does.

Hope you get your feeds worked out. You'd think they'd make it easier to change a URL.

Old Kitty: You're very welcome! Glad you liked the Q&A. :)

Alleged: I'm sure you could write SF. Every writer does some world-building; science fiction just puts more emphasis on it.

Thank you!

Carrie: Glad you enjoyed it!

Sierra: You haven't heard yet? Apparently they clocked in some neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. :)

I need to do that!

David: It was fun!

Thank you--and thank you for following my blog as well. :)

Julie: I've never heard the song. I'll have to go track it down.

I just can't understand being unaware of the environment. We depend on it, after all.

Alex: Yup! :)

You're welcome. And yes, I do expect to be reading Discworld books for a while! LOL.

Su: Thanks!

You can be sure I'll let you know when I am published. :)

The Dandy Lioness: It's a great series. :) Dragons and female protagonists and lots of magic.

I can't wait to read Goliath . . .

Mel: I'll probably release my name if I'm ever published, since I'm under the impression a lot of authors create an online presence if they don't have on already. That will be for a while yet, though, I think. :P

Carrie: Thanks! I love Kristin Cashore's novels. :)

Tricia: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

LOL. Thank you. ;)

J. A.: Thanks!

I agree. I hope Khaled Hosseini writes another book sometime; I'd love to read more of his work!

The Golden Eagle said...

Rob-bear: I've never heard of David Foster Wallace before, either. But it's interesting (and a little eerie) you're that much alike!

I've never thought of trying a blog post in that program. But it doesn't come as surprise your style came out as unique. :)

I'd love to see narwhals in Canada! And check out the rest of the country while I'm at it . . .

Deborah: Thanks!

You're welcome. Glad you liked it!

Maeve: You're very welcome--I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

Thank you!

Clarissa: Actually, I expected it; people asked me last time I had a Q&A post.

Thanks for asking. :)

Talli: Thank you!

LOL. They're the whales with the long, single tusks--the ones name after unicorns. :)

Margo: Thank you!

Glad you liked learning more about me.

Charles: It's a fascinating field--but I also enjoy physics and all the areas of that field opening up, particularly with the new discoveries being made.

Shirley: Thank you! :)

I agree. How about we go and track them down together? LOL.

Shelley said...

Nice answers Golden Eagle! My favourite food is chinese as well! :)

Jake Henegan said...

You answered both my questions and revealed absolutely nothing about yourself. D:

Care to elaborate on what qualities of your novel's character makes her/him like you?
And name a few books on your bookshelf?

The Golden Eagle said...

Shelley: It's good food, isn't it? :)

Jake: Sure. I don't have an posting plans for Saturday, so I'll answer them then!

(Sorry for not being more specific for your original questions . . . I guess my answers are a bit cop-out, looking back on them. :/)

Deniz Bevan said...

Asimov, that's a great choice! Wish I had that bookshelf room...

The Golden Eagle said...

Deniz: Thanks!

I wish I did, too. :P