01 October, 2011

It's October, Which Means A Lot Of Things Will Be Happening

Happy October, everyone!

The reason for this post is that I have a few announcements to make about things happening here on this blog:

1. NaBloWriMo
Can't forget this event. Basically, it's a challenge to write a post for every day of October. Yes, that's right, every single day. I did it last year, and had a lot of fun coming up with topics each day: this year, I'm going to try to be a bit more organized, though you will see some random posts crop up during the month. Or maybe just something along the lines of "I can't think of anything to say . . ."

2. The Rule of Three Blogfest

You've probably heard of it by now, but if not, this is a blogfest where writers post on Wednesdays/Thursdays throughout October (four posts in all) based on a writing prompt given by the hosts--but the setting has already been given to you to work with, called Renaissance. I'm really looking forward to writing/posting mine; I've got ideas for my characters from the first prompt already, which will go up next Wednesday.

3. Pay It Forward Blogfest

Sign up, and list three blogs you recommend on October 14th. I love meeting new bloggers, so I'm excited for this blogfest.

4. An interview with author Elliot Grace

If you don't know Elliot Grace, you have to go check out his blog and follow him. He's one of the most interesting authors around, and I will be interviewing him here on October 26th. Watch for it!

5. The Inheritance Cycle Re-Reading Challenge

This is a really good Fantasy series, and Christopher Paolini has finally finished the last novel, which will come out November 8th. Hooray!

6. The Insecure Writer's Support Group

Wednesday, again. I'll have to post double on that day, because that's also the day the Rule of Three Blogfest begins--these blogfests seem to be trying to thwart any plans I make. :P

7. Rachael Harrie's Third Writer's Platform-Building Campaign

There's a third challenge to come on October 17th, so of course I will be posting that as well. (If you haven't read my entry for the Second Campaigner Challenge, it is HERE.)

. . . and I think that's it.


Do you have anything planned?

-----The Golden Eagle


Michael Offutt said...

I'm doing the insecure writer's support group this Wednesday for my second post and I'm also doing the Pay It Forward blog fest. You forgot to put up Sommer Leigh's MonsterFest thing.

The Golden Eagle said...

Michael: I hadn't heard of the MonsterFest before. Will have to check it out. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for mentioning the support group and Pay it Forward! Both are going to rock.

Javid Suleymanli said...

Thanks for the announcement. I'm gonna check them out :)

Margo Benson said...

Wow, a busy month! I can't partake of much myself right now but I'll be cheering you on, Golden!

Ed Pilolla said...

i like the idea of blogging everyday. when i commit to even four days a week, my writing improves. i think i may need to re-affirm that production.
have a great weekend.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks for reminding me about the insecure writers' blog - I WILL write this Wednesday! I'm doing the WriBlo - and I guess I'm supposed to be doing the challenge too but yikes - a bit too much! Guess that would be an insecure comment.

Heather said...

Yes, happy October! So many great blogfests going on this month, wow! I'm participating in the write campaign blogfest and gearing up for I Love Dark YA blogfest next month.

Old Kitty said...

Happy happy October to you!!!!

Yay for having such a lot of stuff for October! Good luck with all the blogfests and features! I'll be here to cheer you on!!

Me being most disorganised and unfocused will just wing it through October! Yay!

Take care

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You think that's it??? You've tackled a whole mountain, but it looks like fun. I hope you enjoy every day of October (I think it's my favorite month)

Anonymous said...

You've got a crazy October ahead of you! Be careful -- it'll fly by and before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then 2012. :)

Belle said...

Lots of great stuff going on!

Lisa Potts said...

Busy month for you! I admire everyone doing NaBloWriMo, because I know I couldn't manage it.

I'll definitely check out the other fests you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up!

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

"Do you have anything planned?"

I'm going to try to comb my hair every day!
I'm only kinda sorta kidding.

I admire your energy!

Trisha said...

Honestly, the only thing I've got planned is keeping tabs on how my editing goes, and getting it done by month's end.

This list shows me just how much is going on during October! And everyone thinks November's the big month for writers...haha

Danette said...

Thanks for stopping by and glad your doing NaBlo! Don't know if I can' make any of the other blogfests but will be checking on the posts of course!!! Cheers!

Deniz Bevan said...

Wow, so much going on! Glad you're doing the Rule of 3 too :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for all the links. A lot to look at and consider.

Susan Kane said...

Much is going on in our house, so I am think about which and what I can do. They all sound great.

Emily Rose said...

There's a lot going on this month! Happy October!

Jemi Fraser said...

Looking forward to Elliot's interview! He's a great author and person :)

Rob-bear said...

Good grief, Eagle. Bear is exhausted by just reading through the list. And now I'm supposed to be doing something?

Clarissa Draper said...

I wanted to do the rule of three. I really did but I don't think I have the time with all the commitments I have. However, I know I'll be reading a great many entries.

BornStoryteller said...

Hey GE: Thanks for plugging the Rule of Three.

Just a heads up: we opened up the posting window awhile ago, so you have EITHER Wednesday or Thursday to post, so you don't have to do double posts if you're already doing Alex's. We found out about the conflict to make any major changes: adding another day to post was the easiest.

@Clarissa and anyone else: it's a maximum of 600 word writing PER WEEK. Maximum, no minimum. So...it's a good writing challenge. I did mine last night: 543 words, not a lot of time invested. I'll post mine on Wednesday.

Looking forward to reading your work, GE. and anyone else joining us.

Tale Spinning
Rule of Three Blogfest

Anonymous said...

Sometimes blogging daily is hard for me, too, but with time it seems to have gotten easier rather than harder. Good luck with your busy October schedule!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: You're welcome! :)

I'm excited for both events.

Javid: Anytime!

Maybe I'll see you there for one (or a few) of them? :)

Margo: Thank you!

Ed: I agree. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with blogging consistently.

Thanks! You too.

Jan: You're welcome!

There is a lot going on this time of year!

Heather: Thanks!

Wow is right, with all these blogfests and challenges. LOL.

Old Kitty: Thank you! :)

I'll be winging through parts, too, I'm sure. I usually post for around four (and five, more recently) days a week, but all seven?

Well, it's going to be a fun challenge. :D

Tricia: Thank you!

I love this month, too. :) Though I think December is my all-time favorite . . .

E. Elle: 2012? Ack! It feels like 2011 has barely gotten started.

Belle: There is. :)

Lisa: Yup. :)

I think you could manage it; there's always scheduling posts, and they can be as short as you like.

You're welcome!

Jennifer: LOL.

Sometimes the little things are a stretch.

Trisha: Good luck with your editing!

Yeah. :P

Danette: I will be, too; not only for these, but for the numerous other blogfests that seem to be landing in October!

Deniz: Looking forward to reading your posts for it. :)

Charles: You're welcome!

Susan: Hope you find the time to join in on something fun.

Emily: Thank you! :)

Jemi: He is!

Rob-bear: It makes me a little tired out to read this list over again, too; though I am looking forward to these events!

Clarissa: That's too bad. I'm know you'd come up with something amazing for it!

Stuart: You're welcome!

I had read about the two dates for posting, but for blogfests where there are a lot of participants, I find it's easier just to post on the first day--that way visitors don't have to go through the list twice to visit people who didn't have their post up earlier.

I need to write mine. I'm planning to do it tomorrow, since I already have a loose outline in my head.

I'll do my best! :)

Tara Tyler said...

thx for the announcements!

The Golden Eagle said...

Tara: You're welcome! :)

C D Meetens said...

Wow, looks like you're going to be really busy! And thanks for the intro to Pay It Forward. Looks like a good idea.