06 September, 2010

Eh. {What Else Is There To Say?}


I wrote a nice, long, miscellaneous post and BLOGGER DELETED IT. It said "Conflicting Edits" and said "Please hit the back button on you browser."

So I did.



Okay then. Well, I'll just try writing it again, although it's not going to be as great as the first one.



How is your Labor Day going?

Good? So-so? Not on holiday? Irritated the the banks are getting another free day to make some profit?

I've been mowing the lawn, writing, reading Foundation (very interesting and complicated; except: no women! GAH!), blogging, and generally whiling away the day.


You know that swamp I mentioned yesterday? Well, it's there because they couldn't build on the wetlands. Also, there's an issue with some toxic waste that they say doesn't harm anything, but they still can't build on it--I don't get that. I'm assuming it's doing damage somewhere.

But anyway. There's this set of stairs that go up high and you can look over the swamp and basically have a good time watching green gloop move with the breeze and the occasional duck dip its head into the green gloop.

Very fun.

Actually, I just liked getting an aerial view (Hello! Eagle here!) and climbing. I love climbing things, and have been since I was little. (I used to crawl out of cribs and bang my head against the bars if I couldn't get out. I also used to jump a lot. In fact, I still jump a lot.)


Has it been cold recently? It has been here. 40-50s at night, 60s during the day. In the beginning of September! Sheesh. It's not fall yet, folks.

But I don't really mind all that much. I like cooler temperatures, and fall is my favorite season. Did you know that the foliage is changing quicker and earlier than in normal years? Yup, it's true. It's not quite that obvious here, but apparently farther north (Northeast, Canada, etc.) the leaves are changing.

I've spotted a few dark-orange trees . . . but nothing like the color explosion that occurs later in the year. It's very vibrant when that happens.


I'd better go write that review of Prophecy of the Sisters. I said I'd post that today . . .

-----The Golden Eagle


Caroline said...

Ah, I know you feel!! A while back a wrote a long, in-depth, unable-to-rewrite-post on writing, and I accidentally deleted it. (my fault, but I was still pretty angry.) :D

Sarah said...

I hate when stuff gets deleted on me :(

And it's freezing here in Canada too, but I haven't seen any leaves change yet - *looks outside* - well, at least, none around me :P

The Golden Eagle said...

Caroline: It's rotten when that happens, isn't it? Especially when you're excited about publishing it.

Sarah: Maybe the cold spell will let up--it still seems like it's too early for chilly weather.

Memzie said...

Sorry about your post. I still like it.

I have noticed the cooler weather here but no leaves are changing. I think it is because I am in Texas. It takes it a while for it to be winter here.

Icewolf said...

I agree, i love the fall. It isn't too hot, nor too cold.

Fickle Cattle said...

I hate it when that happens. Which is why I always copy and paste to Word before I publish. It's especially hateful when you can't produce another post of the same caliber.


The Golden Eagle said...

Memzie: Well, I'm a bit farther north than Texas. LOL. But even still, a lot's green right now . . .

Icewolf: Nope! Neither extreme, and I love all the holiday hype.

Fickle Cattle: I should probably do that . . . and then maybe even burn them on a disc, if they're important.

Thanks for finding my blog. :)