22 September, 2010

The First Day of Fall!


(Image found online.)

I love autumn. It's cool, the trees are colorful around here, people are back to school, I love the way the air smells, I love brilliantly blue skies, and I also love the holidays that come with this time of the year. I also like this day in particular, because it means the days and the nights are exactly the same length. Isn't that an interesting thing? That the night and the day balance each other out?

Are you looking forward to fall? Hopeful about anything to come?


I've also been tagged, so here are the questions, rules, my answers, and the list of people I'm tagging:

Your favorite thing about September:

Why September? By the time fall starts it's almost over. But I do like the sense of beginnings and endings.

What you wear in September:

Shirt, (long or short sleeved) pants, (capris or long pants, depending on the temperature) sweater/sweatshirt/sweatjacket, (light or heavy, again depending on the temp) sneakers, (preferably running or walking style) and I almost always have my hair in a ponytail. I don't like wearing by hair down.

Activity you do in September:


Your idea of how a fairy would dress:

Okay, this is probably from reading too much Fantasy/Paranormal, but I think of fairies as being tall, skinny, cruel-looking, and back-stabbing creatures that wear either tight jeans and sweaters or long gowns/medieval dress.

Your idea of how an elf would dress:

Ditto, although I usually associate them with a being a little less back-stabbing than a fairy, a little taller, and living in the trees or wearing lots of green clothes.

Your favorite tree:


Your favorite September color (orange, yellow, red, gold, brown, etc.):

Gold. That's one of the major things I like about autumn. I'm not obsessed with gold or anything! I just like it when leaves are that color. I don't like the metal.

Your favorite feeling in fall:

Breathing in cold air and crunching leaves. There's something satisfactory about crunching leaves.

And this tag involves adding another question, so . . .

Are you less or more cheerful in the fall as opposed to in the spring?

More, probably. :)

I tag everyone. Yes, this means YOU, but only if you want to do it.


You know those things that aren't particularly funny but you find amusing despite it all? Well, severely bruising (possibly breaking) my second toe for 2010 did that for me. Especially since the irony of it all is the first toe I broke back in January just finished healing and I have a dance class later today. I was half-snorting half-grimacing after I banged it. :P


My writing has been, for lack of a better word, flopping. I don't know why. I've tried plenty of stuff, closing my eyes, listening to music, arguing with the characters, revising my outline, but I think I'm just going to have to edit (I've got loads of editing to do) and see if anything strikes me while I'm doing it. Garrar. It's frustrating, since I've got ideas bouncing around (they're more like slogging around by now, though) in my head and I HATE writing ahead of where I left off. It throws everything out of balance for me, so I try and stick to writing everything out chronologically.

A final note: I have 87 followers! That is . . . very surprising and very gratifiying. Thank you, my lovely followers, readers, and whoever else is looking at this blog! I do appreciate it. :)

-----The Golden Eagle


Sun Singer said...

I am very much a fall and winter person. After a dry summer, we may not have that many colorful leaves, but I can always hope.


The Golden Eagle said...

Hope's the key. :) It was a little drier than normal here, but there are the usual number of leaves.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i love fall too! what a beautiful pic

Elana Johnson said...

Great list! I do love September, mostly because it's cooler and I don't have to pay an astronomical A/C bill. :)

Jen said...

I love fall weather!! It's beautiful, but I'm with Elana, saving a few bukcs on my energy bill makes me a happy girl!

John The Bookworm said...

Fall makes me quite, QUITE happy. Though I hate how in PA it can go from cool/cold to WARM again. I hate WARM. I want WARM to die in a hole. >:( Sweat is not cool. Just like bruising/breaking a toe and writing ickiness.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wish it WAS growing cooler here! We're still in full summer.
And I'm hopeful for next month.

Icewolf said...

Love fall. One of my favorite seasons.

Tip: Sometimes, letting ideas simmer and boil in your mind for about a week (writers need breaks too) until you can't contain it any longer helps.

Love, Icewolf.

Ps, I know the feeling. :D

Shelley said...

Beautiful pic! I love fall, it is my favourite season! And that's weird how days and nights can be balanced or unbalanced. It all is kind of confusing. Interesting tag. Congrats on 87 followers! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Carrie: That's actually what it looks like around here sometimes . . . The colors are my favorite part about it. :)

Elana Johnson: For us, the energy bill actually goes up as it gets colder. :P Lights and heating are mostly the cause.

Jen: Beautiful indeed. :)

John: I'm with you on that one! I hate sweat. I like exercise, but I hate sweat and WARM temperatures most of the time.

Alex: Hopefully it will cool down where you are! It just isn't fall when the temperature's high. That's what seasons are for!

Icewolf: I probably wouldn't be able to resist the drive for a week . . . but good advice. :) I'm trying to restrict myself to editing, and hopefully that will be generative.

Anonymous said...

Love the Picture My favorite Season is FALL
My favorite is watching the leaves turn colors....
and laying on a pile of leaves *Ha*!

Alison said...

Fun post! I love the smell of fall. There's something about the air.
Alison Can Read

The Golden Eagle said...

Brena: Mine, too. :)

Alison: There is, isn't there? Some people don't seem to be able to smell it . . . but I know I can.