04 September, 2010

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What do you read in the morning?
Schoolbooks. :) I'm usually reading Math, History, Art, and Science books in the morning.

What do you drink in the morning?
Water. Drinking milk makes me sick, and I don't often drink juice.

Name an unusual meal you sometimes eat in the morning:
Pizza. I've eaten pizza for breakfast, and believe me, few things are better than cold leftover pizza for breakfast.

Create a breakfast food:
Sorry, but it would be an amazing stretch of imagination to create something better than Marco Polo bagels.

Do you read at all in the morning?
Yes, though not usually when I'm eating. Unless the story's really riveting.

What is a common thing you eat in the morning?
Bagels or rolls, occasionally bread. Never cereal, and once in a while pancakes.

I tag:

Well, if you feel like spilling your early-morning secrets when it comes to reading and food, then go for it.

-----The Golden Eagle