30 September, 2010

Flood Watch, Writer Things, and Coffee

I can believe it. It's been raining, raining, raining, pouring, dripping, sopping, and splishing all day long.

I realize that the last word isn't actually a word. Except I'm a writer--I've got creative license, right? Well. I say, very splishingishly, that writer's have the creative license to create new words.

But there is a lot of water. The street's sort of flooded and the gutters on the neighbor's house are pouring water. It's been dark, gloomy, and wet all day, but I'm content. I'm usually in a content mood when it's raining, and also because I've been successful editing-wise.


Have any of you seen THIS POST? Or, THIS POST?

Yes? No?

Well, the second makes me laugh. Actually, the first makes me laugh because seriously, folks? If you're going to date a writer you should expect a whole different can of beans.

I don't actively lock myself up in my room or anything and write like some people do, (do you?) but I do tend to get crabby/irritable/fussy when my writing's not going right. And "writer's will remind you that money doesn't matter so much"? Ahem. A lot of writers go into the business because they're broke. I'll let you decide for yourself whether the other points are true. :D


NaBloWriMo starts tomorrow! Hooray! I'm excited about this. It just seems like it's going to be fun, you know? Well, maybe I'm just overexcited. I already post pretty often . . . maybe it's the fact I won't be alone this time. :)

If you haven't joined yet, my armies are still waiting around for the next victim. (AKA you.)



I never really liked coffee. I am repelled by the scent of coffee, especially really strong stuff; I like the smell of Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite smells) but I don't like just coffee. How do people drink it? HOW?

But apparently people do. At least according to a recent survey done by Careerbuilder and Dunkin Donuts. (I've never been to Dunkin Donuts--or Starbucks, for that matter.)

Huh. Oh, well. I plan on being a scientist; I'll just have to be a non-coffee-drinker one.


End of September everyone! Can you believe it? Another month has disappeared. I think this month has gone rather well for me, since I got some stuff done . . .

What about you?

-----The Golden Eagle


Cruella Collett said...

Tee hee - excellent digressions! I absolutely agree with you - writers SHOULD make up new words. And I think yours is a splishingishly wonderful one. Can't wait till I see it on Spelling Bees ;)

And I do think there are people who love coffee. Actually, I know it, since I am one of them...

Clarissa Draper said...

I'm not doing NaBloWriMo but I'm interested in what everyone has to say.

I love the second post about writers better. It's more accurate. I'm a horrible date and when it's bad, I'm off in another world.


Misha said...

Hahaha I haven't been able to stop laughing at the second post.


Icewolf said...

I have lately been introduced to Frappe's that come from McDonald's. It's coffee flavored, and it's ~WONDERFUL~. I'm not a black coffee or coffee person in general, but mochas or something related to is WICKED.

Shelley said...

Better get your scuba gear ready! Just kidding! :) I never had a flood in my city before. Good to here the gloomy weather isn't affecting your mood!

Wow, the end of September already? For me, this month has been... well let's just say interesting. :)

I actually have never seen those posts before. Though like you said, some of them aren't true. Nice post :)

N. R. Williams said...

Inventing news words is a must I think. I saw the lists of dating writers and I have to say, after 28 and a half years of marriage, I am probably boring.

I don't like coffee either, but I like tea.

N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Len said...

Just likeyou, I don't lock myself up. Unfortunately, even if I want to, I can't....hahahaha! My husband will wonder what I am up to in the next room!!!! :) I've checked the NaBloWriMo...I'd like to sign up but can't write one blog a day for the whole month!!! I wish I could! :)but it's interesting, I'll definitely be reading participants' posts!

BTW, I've got an award for you on my blog! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It finally stopped raining here.
I'm also doing NaBloWriMo.
I can't stand the taste of coffee, but I do like the smell.
And you've never been to a Dunkin Donuts? They're awesome!

The Golden Eagle said...

Cruella: Yeah, me too! I'll just splish and splosh in there until the judges admit it's a word. :D

Ah, well. Nothing against people who love coffee! I just don't find the smell . . . attractive. :P

Clarissa: I know I am. I'm looking forward the posts!

I'm often in other worlds, thinking about my writing, my characters, my story . . . LOL.

Misha: Isn't it?

Icewolf: Whenever I heard the word "frappe" I think of a dance move. :P I've never drunk one before.

Shelley: This isn't the first time there's been a flood watch in the area I'm living in; before I moved there was a flood that was the greatest in over a couple hundred years.

Interesting? Well, as long as it turned out good in the end.

Nope, not all of them are true. ;)

N. R. Williams: I doubt you're boring at all. :)

I don't drink tea, either; maybe I just have some kind of aversion to drinks.

Len: My mom would start wondering what I was up to, LOL.

It's too bad you can't join, but I hope your October blogging month goes well. :)

Oh, I'll go check it out!

Alex: It's still dark and gloomy here; I wish there was some more sunshine, but it's supposed to clear up later.

Nope, never been to Dunkin Donuts--my record will probably break sometime, but I haven't been to any fast food joint in a while . . .