17 September, 2010

The X Prize

10 million bucks+Very Light Car+102mpg+Wave2+187mpg+E-Tracer+205mpg=the X Prize.

The Very Light Car created by the Edison2 team got the Mainstream Class award, or 5 million dollars. The miles per gallon is 102, and it only weighs 830 pounds. To learn more about the team go HERE.

The Wave2 created by Li-ion Motors received 2.5 million dollars. The miles per gallon is 187.

The E-Tracer created by X-Tracer also received 2.5 million dollars. The miles you can go on one charge is (whew!) 250.

I'm not a "car person". In fact, I really don't like engines, hate fussing with anything beyond the seats, and don't tend to get fond of vehicles in general. But there is something cool about energy-efficient, innovative cars, don't you think?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those will do well in Europe, where the cars are smaller. In the USA though, I think 'death by SUV' is a very real possibility.

Shelley said...

Those are some awesome looking cars! I can hardly believe people made those! :)

laughingwolf said...

wow... ever neat!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex J. Cavanaugh: Unfortunately. There are too many heavy vehicles out there . . .

Shelley: Definitely! It is rather amazing.

Laughingwolf: Wow is right. :)